Everything is vegan and we don’t serve any animal by-products!  We use gluten, tree nuts, soy, peanuts and coconut in our kitchen. Though we are careful with cross-contact, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely allergen-free or free of traces.

If customers have serious allergies or intolerances, we may not be able to accommodate their needs and advise them to use their best judgment.

For further inquiries, please email

Top 8 allergens in our menu:

    • Vanilla soft serve: oat milk base.
    • Chocolate soft serve: oat milk base.
    • Seasonal soft serve: please consult the ingredients via email or at the ordering window.
    • Milkshakes: made with soft serve and oat milk unless specified almond.
    • Waffle cones
    • Brownies: contains soy, coconut.
    • Rainbow sprinkles
    • Peanuts: contains peanuts.
    • Peanut butter shell: contains peanuts, coconut.
    • Chocolate sauce: contains soy lecithin.
    • Miso caramel: contains soy, coconut.
    • Chocolate shell: contains soy lecithin.
    • Strawberry sauce
    • Confetti cookie dough: contains soy, coconut. Processed in a facility that also processes milk, eggs.
    • Streusel: contains coconut.
    • Marshmallows: contain soy.
    • Pastries: please consult in house.
    • All pints contain refined coconut oil